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Douglas – Homeowner

Thank you so much for keeping the promise. I appreciate the work you have done.

Potential Buyer

This is very nice! Keep up the good work.

Susan – Homeowner

We are excited and thankful to join this community, my friends were very shocked that I was going to attend a prayer and meet your Neighbor day. We are yet to meet a developer that does so and honestly we feel do blessed

Patricia – Homeowner

We came here after a long search with my boys and the first thing they said is...this will work! You are very unusual developers, you give clients considerable leeway. Most developers just want to finalise, hand over the keys and be gone but Littlemore are walking the entire journey.This was great experience for me.

Potential Buyer-Homeowner

The master bedroom is the best thing in this house! The developer has considered the basic needs of any modern family.

Marion – Homeowner

We are blessed to be the owners of house number one, we thank God for putting Littlemore upon our path to make us home owners.